Acadience Reading Survey Workshop

Learn how to administer and score Acadience Reading Survey.

Acadience Reading Survey Workshop

This workshop introduces users to the Acadience Reading Survey assessment, which is a set of materials and guidelines for "testing back" to determine the appropriate instructional and progress monitoring levels for students who are not meeting benchmarks on grade-level benchmark assessment. It may also be used with students who score in the strategic or intensive range during benchmark assessment as a way to get more information for instructional planning and goal setting. Survey also includes guidelines for setting goals, monitoring progress, and making instructional decisions. Survey is designed as a companion tool for use with Acadience Reading K-6 and Acadience Reading 7-8.

The workshop provides training on the guidelines for determining which students need Survey, how to conduct the assessment, determining a student’s optimal progress monitoring and instructional level, and goal setting. Case studies and practice opportunities are provided.

When you purchase this workshop, you receive a year long subscription to access asynchronous learning. All prices are in US dollars and on a per-user basis.

This workshop is approximately 2.5 hours start to finish. 

Included with this workshop: 

  • 365-day subscription
  • In-depth training on the use of Acadience Reading Survey. 
  • All participant materials are included and available for download within the workshop.

Note: To set up more than one user or to purchase using a purchase order, email [email protected].



Frequently Asked Questions

Acadience Reading K-6 Mentors who complete this workshop can earn the Survey endorsement and will be given access to Acadience Learning's official training materials to train others. You will need to notify Acadience when you have completed the workshop to add this endorsement to your Mentor credentials.

If you are an ALO customer, you have access to Acadience Reading Survey at no additional cost. 

If you score Acadience Reading K-6 via paper-pencil, and add your data manually, you may purchase an Acadience Reading Survey Kit at a minimal cost. You may learn more here


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