Acadience Reading K-6 Essential Workshop

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Initial Data Collection Training (2-day Workshop)

This workshop introduces users to the Acadience Reading K-6 assessment, a research-based universal screening and progress monitoring assessment used to measure the acquisition of early literacy skills from kindergarten through sixth grade. The assessment is comprised of brief measures. These brief measures function as indicators of the essential skills that every child must master to become a proficient reader. These measures are used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy skills in order to provide timely instructional support and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties.

This workshop provides training on the foundations and research behind the assessment, how to administer and score each of the measures, the logistics of assessment, and its use in an outcomes-driven model. Extensive practice activities are included.

Acadience RAN is also supported within this workshop. However, for more in-depth training on RAN, there is a workshop option dedicated to training on how to administer and score the Acadience RAN measures.

Additional Details:

  • In-depth training on how to give and use the Acadience Reading K-6 assessment.
  • A printed copy of the training workbook containing administration instruction and practice activities.
  • Practice activities will be embedded throughout the training. 
  • Step 1 in becoming an Acadience Reading K-6 Mentor. 


Note: This training is also available to complete asynchronously. You may learn more here.

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Are you interested in becoming an Acadience Reading K-6 Mentoring Workshop?

Successful completion of the Essential Workshop is step 1 in the process. 

  • The registrant(s) must have completed an Acadience Reading K-6 Essential Workshop or equivalent,
  • AND an Acadience Reading K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop. 
  • The registrant(s) must have assessed students using the Acadience Reading K-6 measures and reviewed and planned from data collected. We strongly suggest that the registrant will have given the Acadience Reading K-6 assessment to students at a minimum of two benchmark windows before attending.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for an Acadience Reading K--6 Mentoring Workshop, both Acadience Reading K-6 Essential and Data Interpretation workshops need to be completed at minimum three weeks before the Mentoring Workshop. In addition, to participate in Mentoring one needs to have assessed students using the Acadience Reading K-6 assessment as well as used the data to plan for instruction.

Note: Acadience Learning provides Acadience Reading K-6 Essential and Acadience Reading K-6 Data Interpretation workshops in an asynchronous, self-paced format.

The registrant may provide ALI asynchronous workshop in progress, or live training completed in the boxes requesting this information in preregistration (e.g., date: currently enrolled, location: ALI Asynchronous, trainer: trainer name). Once these are completed, registration will be finalized.

To review more detailed information about what is entailed to become an Acadience Reading K-6 Mentor, please see Appendix B.  

An agenda and final details for the day of training will be emailed to verified registrants at a minimum of one week from the workshop.

For virtual workshops, this will include a link to register in Zoom for the day. Please be sure to do this before the morning of the workshop. 

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