Acadience® Reading Diagnostic: CFOL

Learn how to administer and score Acadience Reading Diagnostic: Comprehension, Fluency and Oral Language. 


Acadience Reading Diagnostic: CFOL

This workshop introduces users to the Acadience Reading Diagnostic: CFOL (Comprehension, Fluency and Oral Language) and Acadience Reading Survey assessments.

CFOL is an in-depth Diagnostic assessment that provides additional in-depth information to help improve instruction for students who are performing well below expectations (e.g., Well Below Benchmark on Acadience Reading K–6) or performing below grade level in grades K–6. However, it can also be used with older students with very low skills. The measures are untimed and designed to be user-friendly and adaptable across instructional settings.

CFOL assesses the following skills:

  • Story coherence/text structure
  • Listening and reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary and oral language (e.g., formal definitions, morphological awareness, figurative language, syntax)
  • Fluency with expository and narrative texts .

Survey is a set of testing materials useful for determining the appropriate progress monitoring and instructional level and setting goals for students who have missed the prior benchmark goals and continue to struggle in acquiring basic early literacy skills.

The workshop provides training on how to administer and score the CFOL and Survey measures, logistics of assessment, and the use of the two assessments in an outcomes-driven model. Practice activities and case examples explore the connections between these assessments to provide a complete picture of student skills from benchmark screening to Diagnostic testing, instruction, and ultimately to an evaluation of that instruction with progress monitoring.

Acadience Reading Mentors who complete this workshop can earn the CFOL and Survey endorsements and will be given access to Acadience Learning’s official training materials to train others.

Once subscribed to the asynchronous workshop, participants will receive a 30-day subscription to access video content and other training materials. All prices are in US dollars and on a per-user basis.


Included with this workshop:

  • 60-day subscription
  • Over 3 hours of in-depth training on how to give and use CFOL and Survey.
  • Printed copy of the training workbook containing over 200 pages of administration instruction, practice activities, and other resources. 
  • A downloadable handout describing Acadience Reading K–6 benchmarks and composite score. 
  • Downloadable Excel worksheet to organize CFOL scores. 

Note: To set up more than one user or to purchase using a purchase order, email [email protected].



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