AcadienceĀ® Reading 7-8 Essential Workshop

Acadience Reading 7-8 Essential Workshop

The Acadience Reading 7-8  Essential workshop is a one-day (6 instructional hours) training designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the conceptual and empirical foundations of Acadience Reading 7-8 as well as training in administration and scoring of the measures. This workshop is for teachers, administrators, instructional leaders, and all personnel who will conduct the assessments. 

The Essential workshop uses a scaffolded and interactive, practice-driven training process in which participants learn the administration and scoring rules of each measure. For each measure, correct and incorrect scoring examples are provided, and participants practice scoring for each of the rules, followed by large-group practice in timing and scoring the entire measure. Participants then work in triads to practice administering and scoring the measure three times, alternating between the role of assessor, student, and observer. 

Required materials for the Essential workshop include the Acadience Reading 7-8 Essential workbook. Additional materials include a stopwatch and clipboard for paper/pencil assessment.  

As a result of this training, participants will have knowledge and understanding of:

  1. The theoretical and research base for the measures (foundations)
  2. The components of Acadience 7-8 and how they are to be used within an Outcomes-Driven Model
  3. The essential skills assessed and the importance of each skill to reading competence
  4. The general guidelines for administering and scoring that apply to all measures
  5. How to administer and score each measure
  6. The organizational processes and considerations for conducting the assessments and using the data.

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