Acadience RAN Workshop

Learn how to administer and score Acadience RAN.

Acadience RAN Workshop

This workshop will provide participants with training in administration and scoring of the Acadience RAN measures. The procedures for administration of RAN Objects, Letters, and Numbers are presented and modeled. Scoring rules are presented with examples. Participants have the opportunity to practice scoring RAN.

Acadience RAN is an optional measure that can be used along with Acadience Reading K–6. RAN is a helpful tool for educators because it:

  • is a brief assessment that can be used to screen students for reading difficulties such as dyslexia
  • is typically a good predictor of future reading difficulties
  • is based on decades of research by multiple researchers
  • includes a RAN Objects, Letters, and Numbers task
  • is available in Spanish

When you purchase this workshop, you receive a year long subscription to access asynchronous learning. All prices are in US dollars and on a per-user basis.

This workshop is approximately 2 hours start to finish.  

Included with this workshop: 

  • 365-day subscription
  • In-depth training on the use of Acadience RAN. 
  • All participant materials are included and available for download within the workshop.

Note: To set up more than one user or to purchase using a purchase order, email [email protected].



Frequently Asked Questions

Acadience Reading K-6 Mentors are able to train this workshop within your Acadience Reading K-6 Mentor credential. The training material for this workshop is in your Acadience Reading K-6 Portal in the Acadience Mentors" Network. 

If you are an ALO customer, and are using Acadience Reading K-6, you have access to Acadience RAN.

If you score Acadience Reading K-6 via paper-pencil, and add your data manually, Acadience RAN was provided in your assessment kit. If you have an assessment kit purchased prior to the release of Acadience RAN, you may purchase an Acadience RAN Kit at a minimal cost. Acadience RAN is also available for free download. You may learn more here. 


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