Acadience Reading K-6 Mentoring Workshop

Join us for a live, interactive, workshop experience!

Note: There are required prerequisites to attend this workshop.

The Acadience Reading K-6 Mentoring Workshop is designed for those who have already completed Acadience Reading K-6 Essential and Acadience Reading K-6 Data Interpretation training and would like to extend their knowledge of Acadience Reading K-6 to provide leadership and training to others. This workshop is applicable for paper/pencil and mobile device users. 

Participants will:

  • Receive Acadience Learning's official presentation materials for the Acadience Reading K-6 Essential, and Acadience Reading K-6 Data Interpretation workshops to train others.
  • Be able to observe and provide feedback to Acadience Reading K-6 assessors.
  • Be able to interpret and assist others in using classroom, school, and district-level Acadience Reading K-6 data.
  • Be invited to attend informative Mentor-only webinars and office hours hosted by Acadience Learning.
  • Access to a private website filled with supportive resources. 
  • Access to mentor-specific communication channels to support timely support with planning for training.  

After the Mentoring Workshop, participants complete a short, asynchronous New Mentor Orientation. Completing the orientation content is the final step to receiving your initial Mentor Certification.


Space is limited for each live workshop, so be sure to register early!


Upcoming Virtual Options

Additional dates will be added as available.

August 22, 2024


7:00 - 2:30 pm Pacific

10:00 - 5:30 pm  Eastern

Participants must remain active, online for the entirety of the workshop.


October 24, 2024


7:00 - 2:30 pm Pacific

10:00 - 5:30 pm  Eastern

Participants must remain active, online for the entirety of the workshop.


Upcoming In-person Options

Additional dates/locations will be added as available.

Grand Rapids, MI

November 8, 2024

8:30 - 4:30 Eastern

Embassy Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown: 710 Monroe Ave NW,  49503

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Interest List

Please use the following link to be notified when additional options are scheduled.

To be eligible for an Acadience Reading K-6 Mentoring Workshop:

  • The registrant(s) must have completed an Acadience Reading K-6 Essential Workshop or equivalent,
  • AND an Acadience Reading K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop. 
  • The registrant(s) must have assessed students using the Acadience Reading K-6 measures and reviewed and planned from data collected. We strongly suggest that the registrant will have given the Acadience Reading K-6 assessment to students at a minimum of two benchmark windows before attending.

Prerequisite workshops need to be completed no later than three weeks before the mentoring workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation will be requested during registration. Acadience Learning will review documentation to determine registrant eligibility.  A member of the professional learning team will reach out if there are any questions or additional steps are needed.

To review more detailed information about what is entailed to become an Acadience Reading K-6 Mentor, please see Appendix B.  

Yes, the registration acts as reserving a seat. If all required prerequisites are completed in the requested time frame and verified your registration you will be all set. If unable to be verified by the designated time, the seat will shift to someone on the waitlist who has their prerequisites completed and is ready to attend. 

Acadience Learning has historically had partners who support building knowledge through training in Acadience Reading K-6 assessment. Please provide the training the registrant completed. If it's an approved equivalent training, Acadience Learning will share with the registrant a knowledge assessment to confirm content knowledge to meet this prerequisite.

Acadience Learning provides both workshops in an asynchronous, self-paced format. If both workshops are completed three weeks before the Mentoring Workshop, and the registrant has both assessed students using the Acadience Reading K-6 assessment and used the data to plan, the registrant will be verified to attend.

The registrant may provide ALI asynchronous workshop in progress, or live training completed in the boxes requesting this information in preregistration (e.g., date: currently enrolled, location: ALI Asynchronous, trainer: trainer name). Once these are completed, registration will be finalized.

To review more detailed information about what is entailed to become an Acadience Reading K-6 Mentor, please see Appendix B.  

If a prerequisite workshop was completed in a setting without the inclusion of an Acadience Learning Inc. Culminating Knowledge Assessment for the workshop, the successful completion of the Culminating Knowledge Assessment will be needed along with your initial training information, including the mentor who trained you.

Acadience will verify your trainer was an active mentor when training in one or both workshops. Once confirmed, the Acadience Professional Learning Team will be in touch to share access to the culminating knowledge assessment(s) to demonstrate knowledge before verifying registration.

If more than three (3) attempts are made for either culminating assessment, Acadience will in be contact to determine eligibility.

For in-person learning, training materials will be shared with verified participants upon arrival on the day of the workshop. 

For virtual learning, training materials will be shipped to the address provided once the verification of registrant(s) is complete, the materials will be ordered - set to arrive a minimum of a week before the training date.

An agenda and final details for the day of training will be emailed to verified registrants at a minimum of one week from the mentoring workshop.

For virtual workshops, this will include a link to register in Zoom for the day. Please be sure to do this before the morning of the workshop. 

After the Mentoring Workshop, participants' participation in the live training will be verified. This may take up to two weeks. Once live training participation is confirmed,  participants will be granted access to a short, asynchronous New Mentor Orientation.

To receive official mentor status and to receive a Certificate, the self-paced content will need to be completed, including signing the Mentor Use Agreement. At that time a Certificate will be emailed declaring your mentor status for your records. 

Once your New Mentor Orientation is completed, please allow up to two weeks to receive access to the Mentors' Network. 

There is an option to rush access for a minimal fee. 

There is a 2-week no-cost window to complete the annual renewal. If not completed during this time, a small registration fee will be required to support administrative costs. The Annual Renewal process will begin the next January from completing the live Mentoring Workshop and New Mentor Orientation are completed.

Yes, the cancellation policy is as follows:

Minimum Attendance Requirement: 

Acadience Learning Inc. requires a minimum of 15 attendees to conduct the workshop for virtual workshops, and 25 for in-person workshops. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the workshop if this requirement is not met.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • Before Material Dispatch & More Than 3 Weeks from Training Date: Full refund issued if the workshop is canceled.
  • Within 3 Weeks of the Workshop (Without Substitution): A $25 processing fee applies if no attendee substitution is made.
  • After Materials Sent: Attendees must return the materials at their own expense for a refund.
  • Less Than 2 Weeks Before the Workshop: No refunds will be issued. All materials must be returned to receive a credit.


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