Acadience® Math K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop

Learn how to utilize your data.

Acadience Math K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop

This workshop is designed for those who have taken the Essential Workshop and are ready to learn how to interpret data to inform instruction. This workshop offers advanced training on the use of Acadience Math assessment data in an Outcomes-Driven Model, perfect for schools implementing a Response to Intervention or MTSS approach. Uses of data at the systems level and student level are illustrated. Topics include using data to match students to resources, group students for instruction, select materials for progress monitoring, and to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Extensive practice activities are included.

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Data Service Consideration

There are two versions available for this workshop. Please read the descriptions below before selecting which option to purchase. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Acadience Math K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop (2022)

This version exclusively utilizes the data service, Acadience Learning Online (ALO) to model and support the learning.

Acadience Math K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop (2020)

This version of the Data Interpretation workshop supports the learning with examples from Acadience Data Management (ADM).


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Acadience™ Reading K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop

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