Pathways of Progress Workshop

A free workshop on how to use Pathways of Progress to set progress monitoring goals and to evaluate student progress.

Pathways of Progress Workshop

This free workshop introduces users to Pathways of Progress™, a research-based tool used with Acadience™ Reading K–6 for:

  • Establishing individual student progress monitoring goals,
  • Evaluating individual student progress and rate of growth, and
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of support at the classroom, school, or district level.

Pathways of Progress provides an accurate evaluation of growth over time. It clarifies what rate of progress is typical, above typical, well above typical, below typical, or well below typical compared to other students with the same level of initial skills based on the Reading Composite Score. We use the Composite Score because it is the broadest, most representative estimate of a student’s overall reading skills. When used in conjunction with the Acadience Reading benchmark goals, Pathways of Progress further empowers educators to set goals that are meaningful, ambitious, and attainable.

This brief workshop provides an overview of the logic and research behind Pathways of Progress, why it’s needed, how to use the tool to set progress monitoring goals, why Pathways of Progress matters, and how to analyze Pathways of Progress reports from Acadience Data Management.

Please Note: This workshop is temporarily unavailable while we make some changes. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please check back soon for updates. If you would like to be notified when the workshop becomes available, click "Contact Us" below.

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Pathways of Progress™ Workshop

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